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 The most important lesson I've learned from “Language Bridge” is the importance of attitude and state of mind-to think in Russian. To be Russian! (Okay, that's a little too much.) The excercises are practical, and the speaker on the tapes articulates so clearly and slowly that I'm sure it will relax my accent. I am very much looking forward to continuing my study of Russian. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Gary Stevenson 


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The patented Language Bridge Technology consists of two components:

  1.  New methodology of learning EFL by digital learners who use the whole-brain systemic approach and focuses on English language skills as the whole.
  2. The Language Bridge Technology-based web-app or android apps which ensure acquisition of language patterns, pronunciation and intuitive grammar by subconscious learning while re-experiencing comprehensible situations in English using the whole-brain systemic approach. 

 The application has a mandatory support in the native language and makes the content, comprehensible and suited for integrated teaching (self-teaching plus guided learning).


The proprietary Reverse Language Resonance process eliminates the negative effects of prior language-learning experiences and restores the innate ability to learn a new language by turning off cross-translation and forming direct links between images and English words.

Learners start speaking before acquiring English skills due to simultaneous repetition, reading and listening. In the process of re-experiencing comprehensible situations many times, the language patterns are automatically recorded in the learner's brain. Bear in mind that simultaneous repetition was never used for learning languages.

To watch a brief video describing this application click here.

Language Bridge Technology android application could be downloaded from http://bit.ly/18nwYgc 

The patent-pending Language Bridge Technology provides a new learning paradigm for adult learners of EFL. The full text of the patent application was published on June 6. 2013 and you may read it here.

Video testimonials recorded by Andrzej Zielinski who uses Language Bridge method with his students in school and in private teaching in Poland are shown here:

To watch YouTube video describing how to use Language Bridge software on a PC click here.



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