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To meet the demand in Learning English we need: 
​Acquisition of Language Skills using a Self-Teaching Application


Language Bridge Technology 
​App for Self-Teaching

With our application the learner starts speaking actively ​before he/she memorizes the rules of grammar or vocabulary lists. ​The learner acquires all language skills - reading, speaking, writing and pronunciation - concurrently during re-experiencing comprehensible situations in English. ​​

​Language Bridge Technology activates
the right-brain and ​the left-brain function through a precisely ordered series of steps. This methodology achieves a stress-free training environment rather than stressful learning and memorization. 

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Integrating the Flexibility of  a Mobile with Trainer-led Instruction


Integrated Learning is a combination of self-teaching using the application and online or offline classes with teachers who do not necessarily need to be native speakers.

The ratio between self-teaching and trainer-led instruction varies between 10 and 90%, depending on the learners' access to language classes. The learners' active time of speaking in English is 5-10 times higher than in conventional class due to speech shadowing of prerecorded lessons, which could be done concurrently by all the students. 

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 Acquiring Language Skills 
 is Faster than Learning

Children learn native and foreign languages exclusively by the acquisition method. 
The ultimate goal for adults is to pick up
​a foreign language as efficiently and effectively as children do. 

To implement acquisition for adults Language Bridge Technology offers:

  • ​​A Mobile application for self-teaching of English skills available 24/7. 
  • Retraining both learners and teachers to acquire language skills instead of conventional learning.